Skybolt Zack to Launch “Crowd Scored” Free Content Demo

Skybolt Zack

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for DEVS MUST DIE, the French development team behind Skybolt Zack. With a well-received outing at Gamescom in August, followed by a nomination for game of the year in the TIGA awards, Green Man Gaming Publishing has now announced a unique take on community engagement and a fun way to promote the demo of the game.

Launching on the 4th of October, Skybolt Zack’s demo will be available on Steam as a free download. As you play through the levels of the game you receive a score for each level at the end. This score will be added to the scores of every other player in the demo game, to get a global total of points earned in the game for the campaign.

The global score total will unlock discounts for the full game for all participants, as well as other free goodies when the game launches including a free download of the game’s soundtrack. Rewards are organised in a tiered system so will activate when the global score reaches a certain amount.

The challenge will run for two weeks leading up to the game’s launch on the 24th of October, at which point all global rewards will be unlocked for all participants. Full details including information on the various tiers of community rewards can be found on the games’ Steam Community page.

Skybolt Zack is Green Man Gaming’s first published game for Console, coming to PC and Nintendo Switch October 24th.