Destiny 2 comes to Discord

Destiny 2 on Discord

Destiny 2 is currently offline and will be until later today when it migrates from to Steam, but it doesn’t mean all is quiet for current and prospective Guardians. In a tweet sent late last night by the official Destiny 2 account, the game has now officially set up a Discord server.

Discord is, of course, the tool that’s taken over communications for millions of gamers worldwide. Working sort of like a mix between chatrooms and VOIP it allows servers, each containing potential multiple channels both text and voice, to be set up by individuals or groups. Many games have official Discord servers, and some companies do too, and overwhelmingly it has become the tool of choice for communications both in-game and out.

Now if you’re interested in Destiny 2 or are currently playing it, you can head into the Discord channel run by Bungie and keep on top of all the news, blog posts, and announcements that come your way. There isn’t currently a chat channel where you can shoot the breeze with fellow Guardians, but there are links to other community resources where you can talk and chat the day away about everything Destiny 2.

The launch of the Destiny 2 Discord comes just on the cusp of the base game going free to play as part of Destiny 2: New Light, and the launch of both the Shadowkeep expansion and the Season of the Undying. You can check out the launch trailer that’ll give you a bit more info about the storyline Bungie will be exploring throughout seasons eight and nine right here:

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep launches today, the 1st of October 2019 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, with Google Stadia also being on the horizon.