Ubisoft Releases Free Game to Help Children Learn Coding


If you’ve ever wanted an introduction to coding, or your kids want to learn the basics of how coding works, Ubisoft Montreal have released a free game that aims to do just that.

Rabbids Coding is a free game that aims to show kids a little bit of how coding works, with the message being imparted with a slapstick approach via the titular Rabbids.

The game picks up with a catastrophe aboard the International Space Station. The Rabbids have made their way aboard, and are causing all sorts of havoc and are generally just getting in the way of all that delicious science that has to be done in orbit. 

Thankfully the player can step in to take control of the Rabbids, and order them to clean up their mess and place themselves handily in washing machines so they don’t cause any more problems. The game is set over thirty-two levels and is designed for kids aged seven and up, although the game has a PEGI 3 rating so don’t let your toddlers have a go just yet.

The way the game works is that you order the Rabbids about using simple commands like forward, right, left, hit, and others. This means you can guide your controlled Rabbids through the puzzle-filled levels, interacting with objects and each other as you try to clear up their mess. It’s a simple premise and one that’s been used in other coding games but here the presentation and tone is aimed squarely at getting kids excited and involved in the world of coding.

Rabbids Coding is available for free right now, and all you need to do to grab yourself a copy is to head over to Ubisoft’s website and sign up. For more game news and updates, make sure to return to the Green Man Gaming Newsroom every day.