Animated spin-offs in the works for Watch Dogs, Rayman, and Far Cry

Ubisoft Animated series

It’s been a busy couple of days for Ubisoft, first they announced a free coding game that aims to teach children how to learn the basics of code titled Rabbids Coding, and now they’ve announced a host of animated spin-offs of some of their most famous games.

Watch Dogs, Rayman, Hungry Shark, and Far Cry are all set to receive animated versions, albeit with different approaches to each and each being made for a different audience, from extremely child-friendly to something a little more adult.

The Watch Dogs cartoon will be a mystery show aimed at the tween audience, which may be a little bit of a departure from the hacking filled open world games we’ve come to know. Hungry Shark, the mobile game, will also get a child friendly adaptation, though we don’t have more details at this time for that or the proposed Rayman animated series.

Far Cry, however, is receiving a spin-off based upon Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon which promises to be for an older audience. Titled Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe it will be helmed by veteran animation producer Adi Shankar who produced the Netflix Castlevania series, which launched to overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Of course Ubisoft aren’t strangers to the animated world, they already have an ongoing animated series for kids based on the enduring Rabbids characters. Titled Rabbids Invasion, it has not yet been announced if the series will get renewed, though a Mars-based special is currently in the works.

Overall it looks like Ubisoft are going all out to appeal to younger viewers and gamers, introducing their different game series to new generations. We’ll keep our eyes on these as they develop, but until then, make sure you keep your eyes on the Green Man Gaming Newsroom.