Hell Let Loose: Free weekend kicks off with updates

Hell let Loose Sniper on Omaha Beach

Developer Black Matter and publisher Team17 have announced that Hell Let Loose will be playable for free this weekend, and have released details of a major update to the popular WWII shooter.

Available for PC via Steam, Hell Let Loose’s free weekend kicked off at 6pm on Thursday 10 October, and will last until 6pm on Monday 14 October. Currently, the ultra-realistic 50 versus 50 shooter is in Steam Early Access; to sample it for free, visit its page on the Steam Store.

Meanwhile, Black Matter has released Update 3 for the game: “The game is now primed for a hundred-player battle on Omaha beach in Normandy, France. Update 3 brings a brand-new map, based on a historically accurate recreation of the battlefield from 1944 as well as a new game mode, called ‘Offensive Mode’.

“On this new map, fifty players begin the match at sea in Higgins Boats and will be dropped off in waves as they assault the beach defended by players on land. The hundred-player battle takes place along the beach terrain, in extensive trench systems as well as on the village square and lush fields that will force players to constantly change tactics and adapt to said environments.”

Black Matter’s co-founder Max Rea said: “Update 3 is one of our biggest updates to Hell Let Loose with the much-requested Normandy beach landing map as well as the brand-new Offensive Mode, which will encourage a much more strategic play style. The game’s received a lot of positive feedback from players looking for a more authentic battlefield experience, so we’re very excited about the prospect of this update. Hell will be let loose, so come and join us!”

Black Matter also revealed that: “This update will also bring quality-of-life fixes in the form of some brand-new audio for several fan favourite weapons like the M1 Carbine, M1 Garand and the MG 42 and many more. Finally, another new map will be released at the end of October with several fixes and improvements.”

To find out more about Hell Let Loose, visit its website.