Fallout 76 Players Entitled to Refunds in Australia, says Government

Fallout 76

A new ruling by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has stated that ZeniMax Media, the company which owns Bethesda, must offer refunds to certain Australian Fallout 76 players who have registered complaints.

The statement, released earlier today, states that ZeniMax Media “were likely to have misled consumers about their consumer guarantee rights in relation to the online action game Fallout 76.” As a result, ZeniMax Media will be obliged to offer refunds to Australian customers who registered a refund request between the game’s launch on November 24th, 2018, and June 1st, 2019.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) had received complaints that ZeniMax Media “told consumers that they were not entitled to a refund after they had experienced a variety of faults with the Fallout 76 game, including, in some cases, problems with the servers, lagging, graphic and visual problems.” This appears to have contravened Australian Consumer Law, meaning players who registered complaints during the timeframe above will be entitled to a refund under Australian law.

“ZeniMax has acknowledged that they are likely to have misled certain Australian consumers about their rights to a refund when they experienced faults with their Fallout 76 game,” ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said of the ruling. 

In addition to the refunds, ZeniMax Media has committed to improving customer service documents and scripts in the future to avoid further issues like this cropping up, as well as addressing the ACCC’s concerns about the misrepresentation of consumer rights.

This ends what has been a very rough week for the beleaguered multiplayer Fallout game, with news of the newly implemented Fallout 1st subscription service causing a fan backlash, as well as inciting class warfare across the haves and have-nots in-game. It’s yet to be seen if Bethesda can claw back sentiment for Fallout 76, but as always we’ll keep you apprised of any developments in this ongoing story.