Path of Exile 2 announced

Path of Exile 2

The big party that celebrates everything Path of Exile has been bustling down in Auckland, New Zealand over the weekend. The big news to come out of the event is that Path of Exile 2 has been announced, along with some details about what that’ll mean for Path of Exile players.

Path of Exile 2, first and foremost, isn’t going to be a separate game. It will instead will be an expansion that adds new content, but also overhauls the original game as well. Core systems that make up the game will be overhauled including the mechanics of each of the game’s classes, along with graphical upgrades that incorporate physics-based rendering. 

The expansion adds a brand new story that picks up the action twenty years after the end of the current storyline. In order to see this content when Path of Exile 2 is launched, players will need to create a new character, with the current player class archetypes being included. In addition, nineteen new Ascendancy Classes will be available, all of which add new mechanics and systems to the game. All cosmetics will carry over, as both games will exist within the same ecosystem.

Beta testing is still a way off, with a 2020 beta looking likely. This means that the game itself won’t be appearing on Path of Exile players’ accounts for quite some time yet. That doesn’t mean that new content will dry up, however, as Grinding Gear Games is still committed to their three-month update schedule.

This means we’re getting big updates for both of the action-RPG giants on the gaming scene, with Path of Exile offering a more incremental update that includes the original game, and Diablo 4 presumably standing alone as a brand new title. When we have more information about either game, you’ll read it here first.