Destiny cookbook announced

Destiny Cookbook

If you’ve been looking to cook up some legendaries to have alongside your gaming, it appears you’ll be able to do just that in an upcoming Destiny cookbook.

According to an Amazon listing and the Bungie store, the Destiny cookbook will be released on the 4th of August, 2020, and is being written by games-and-food veteran Victoria Rosenthal. This follows in the wake of several popular cookbooks, each showing you how to cook real food from your favourite video games. These range from the Elder Scrolls cookbook which tells you how to make that sweet roll you apparently lost, the Fallout cookbook which instructs the reader how to roast a bit of deathclaw, and even an unofficial Final Fantasy XV cookbook which looks into all the recipes Ignus lovingly crafts for you in-game.

Destiny might be considered a bit of a stretch by some, as food isn’t the focus of the game. Which is apt because nobody even knows if the player character can even eat. That said, it is being written by someone with a track record of creating game food, so we’ll hold off judgment for now.

This comes after a busy few months for Destiny 2, with the latest expansion, Shadowkeep, not only launching to critical acclaim, but the game also going free to play and moving to the Steam DRM platform seeing it hit huge concurrency numbers.

The Destiny cookbook is available for pre-purchase now, and according to the Amazon blurb it’s ‘Perfect for all Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks, Destiny: The Official Cookbook is packed with amazing recipes and stories that celebrate Destiny’s vast multiplayer universe.’ We’ll be watching with salivating mouths to see how this cookbook turns out as well as for the next game property to get an epicurean tie-in.