1000 games removed from Steam due to Steamworks ‘abuse’

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Nearly 1000 games have been removed from Steam overnight, most related to a Russian publisher named ‘Dagestan Technology. As shown on the Steam Tools website, approximately 1000 games have been removed from the platform.

The games on the face of it don’t appear to be related, but as discovered over on Twitter, developer Alexandra Flock noted that a ‘good chunk’ of them can be traced to the publisher. We don’t have full details of why these games, numbering 982, have been removed, though according to PC Gamer a Valve representative has spoken up giving some rough information about the removal. “We recently discovered a handful of partners that were abusing some Steamworks tools,” the representative said. “We emailed all the affected partners.” Though what this means for other publishers, and how to avoid issues like this, has yet to be seen.

The list appears to be pretty mixed, with many of the games being present on the store for more than two years. Games such as Don’t Panic!, Hoplite, and The Extinction have all been listed on the platform since 2017, 2016, and 2015, which begs the question about what has suddenly happened to warrant removal.

As always, Valve is being cagey with the details, though a thread over on Reddit does feature someone claiming to be an affected developer, stating that their game with over two thousand positive reviews had been removed, possibly due to a previous association with Siberian Digital, a publisher which has seen its entire catalogue removed from Steam. The alleged developer mentions that they received an email from Valve which mentioned abuse of game bundles, though the developer in question denies having done this.

Overall, all the definitive information we have is that nearly a thousand games have been removed from Steam, and that it may be related to alleged abuse of Steamworks tools. We’ll be keeping an eye on this story as it develops, and you can get the latest right here on the Newsroom.