Resident Evil Ambassadors invited to test unannounced game

Resident evil resistance playable characters

Capcom’s Resident Evil Ambassador programme has been updated, according to an email posted over on Reddit by user deimos-chan. If you’re not aware of the Ambassador programme, it’s something Capcom has set up to enable fans of the series to become advocates for it, sharing news and updates organically rather than through paid sponsorships or adverts. The idea is that by signing up – and being accepted – you’ll get advance notice of Resident Evil news that you can then disseminate through your social networks.

The email that Capcom have sent out details a few new changes to the programme. First of these is a new ranking system that adds Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum ranks. There are also four new Ambassador Card types that participants can choose from.

But that’s not the real meat of the news that this email has elicited. The main update is that Resident Evil Ambassadors can apply for “invitations to a playtest session of our unannounced title”.

We don’t have information – at all – about what this unannounced title is or will be, but it’s notable that the last unannounced game that Resident Evil Ambassadors were able to test was the multiplayer Resident Evil: Resistance (formerly Project Resistance). 

That doesn’t mean that speculation isn’t rife at the moment about what this title might turn out to be. Capcom recently renewed their Dino Crisis trademark which has already sent speculation into the stratosphere, and now that speculation has reached almost feverish levels. Though that said, this is the Resident Evil Ambassador programme, so it may be another one of the millions of Resident Evil games in the stable getting a remake or remaster, or even a glimpse at the potentially upcoming Resident Evil 8.

Overall, all this confirms is that there’s something rumbling in the tummy of Capcom’s Resident Evil machine, and we’ll be watching for the next big update.