E3 2017 – Ashen Announced

Ashen, an upcoming game about forging relationships, has been announced by Microsoft during their Xbox One E3 conference. This trailer can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_alSjWujdU

Chinese owner considers selling all or part of Jagex

Fukong Interactive, the Chinese parent company of Jagex, is contemplating selling the RuneScape developer. The news comes less than three years after Fukong Interactive bought Jagex,...

Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo reportedly scaling down China console production

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are reportedly seeking to move some of their console production out of China, in response to the prospect of Donald Trump’s administration imposing tariffs on...

Overwatch Is Getting Double XP This Weekend

Blizzard Entertainment have announced a double XP weekend, which will bring the current Anniversary event to an end. The double XP weekend, will allow players a chance to earn loot boxes twice...

PS4 Users Urged To Change Privacy Settings To Protect From Console-Bricking Message Attack

Reports of players suffering from bricked PS4 consoles due to a message received during online play are flooding message boards. The message contains certain malicious characters that can brick the chosen console...
Death Stranding

Nine-minute Death Stranding trailer brings 2019 launch date

Sony has released a near-nine-minute trailer for Death Stranding which provides insight into its gameplay, characters and storyline. It also came with a rather unexpected launch date.

Switch, PS4 and Xbox One all pass 1 million US sales in November

November 2018 set a record as the first month in which three consoles – Nintendo’s Switch, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One – each sold over 1 million...
sonic mania review

Denuvo DRM Causes Rift Between Sonic Mania Dev And SEGA

Sonic Mania has launched onto PC, with Denuvo DRM and an always online requirement. SEGA have released a statement on the Steam forums, stating that the Denuvo DRM requirement was mistakenly left...

E3 Host Geoff Keighley Reveals First E3 Coliseum Full Schedule

Geoff Keighley, producer of the first E3 Coliseum, has announced the full schedule of panels and guests on his Medium post. E3 Coliseum will be the first E3-related event to be open to...

UK government to invest £20 million in creative industries

The UK government has announced that it will invest £20 million in the country’s creative industries, with some of that investment earmarked for the games industry.