About The Black Death

Medieval Europe is an unforgiving place at the best of times. Danger and disease are ever present and survival is always a challenge. But now, Europe is witnessing one of it's darkest times - a plague has swept across the continent, leaving a trail of death and despair in its wake. Now people have to fight for scarce resources - the smartest, the opportunistic and the powerful have the best chances of survival. The poorest, the weakest and the most vulnerable face almost certain death.

The Black Death Videos

The Black Death - Providence Update Gameplay

From the Small Impact Games HQ, James and Cameron take David from Green Man Gaming through our latest update, Providence! With more resources, utilities, expanded conversations trees and a whole bunch of animals to tame, this update makes the world of Mercia a richer, denser place to explore.

The Black Death - Live Gameplay with Developers!

David from Green Man Gaming Publishing sat down with Cameron and James from Small Impact Games to discuss the latest version of The Black Death. We look at the basics of the game, the new crafting system, new areas, new UI features, and answer questions as we streamed live from Twitch!

The Black Death articles


The Black Death: The Providence Update

This week saw the release of The Providence update for The Black Death. This update brings a massive amount of improvements and new features. You can check out what The Providence update brings below.


The Black Death V0.09 Patch Notes

The Black Death’s new update is live! Here are the brand-new patch notes here!


The Black Death – Update 0.09 Details

The Black Death has had yet another substantial update, but what’s in it exactly? Well, The Black Death‘s 0.9 update is sure to leave you excited, with amazing additions including:


Gamescom Spotlight: The Black Death

Among the other brilliant games that we’re presenting at Gamescom this week, Green Man Gaming is proud to present: The Black Death. A title that we’re currently selling in Early-Access!


Arcade Mode Live: The Black Death

We’ve rounded up the Black Death updates into a short and easily digested video! Find out about the Beggar class, the bounty system and more!


Arcade Mode: The Black Death

The Black Death came out on Early Access this April, from then, the game has seen a number of updates from the team at Small Impact Games. Naturally, I’ve taken a look back at the game to see just how substantial these updates have been!


The Black Death just got better: New bounty system & beggar class

Medieval survival game The Black Death has just rolled out a new bounty system, beggar profession and lots more as part of its latest update.


System Requirements

The Black Death is available for Windows in Early Access now. Here are the minimum system requirements needed in order to play the game.

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